Whiskey lives in the south and is the proud black sheep of her conservative Southern family. She’s fueled by passion not by logic. Whiskey doesn’t like being put into a box and proudly contradicts herself at every turn by claiming to be everything she feels passionate about. She’s a Spiritual, Gothic, Hippie Anarchist with a fiercely loyal and intense, dreamy romantic streak. A socially-antisocial, rebellious loner who craves the company of like-minds, she plans to one day connect with her tribe in Portland Oregon.

She is in love with words – written, spoken or sung. Music isn’t just a passion for her, it’s also her biggest source of inspiration. Music is her muse. During character creation, which is her favorite part of the writing process, she’s been known to spend weeks creating the perfect play lists for her characters that amplify who they are and give her more insight into their lives.

Whiskey is attending Southern New Hampshire University for her BA in Creative Writing with a concentration in fiction. She obtained a Culinary Arts degree alongside her mother, and also holds a certificate in canine obedience, theory and application. Her love of good food often shows itself through meals that her characters cook or eat.

She writes poetry, short stories, and is currently working on three different novels. A modern werewolf Urban Fantasy set in New York, that she hopes will serve to shatter some of the most common cliches involved in the niche genre. She’s also working on a werewolf story set in the roaring Twenties. And she plans to write another set in the wild west. Her werewolf poem The Willow Tree, has been published in the online magazine The Andromdae Review, along with a piece of her artwork. She is also published in a Halloween anthology, Trick or Treat, with a group of writers called The Scribes Collaborative. Young Adult and Adult Urban Fantasy are her preferred genres, but she also plays around with horror and lesbian romance. Whiskey hopes to cement herself in the werewolf niche of the bookish world by making each of her werewolf myths different from others on the market. She hopes to eventually write a cookbook too.

She fights for equality, especially in the LGBT community and with animal rights. She considers herself a proud “Little Monster” and often stands up for Lady GaGa and her message of self acceptance, peace, love, freedom, tolerance and unity. Her other heroes include Joss Whedon, Christopher Pike, Quentin Tarantino, Carrie Vaughn, JK Rowling, and Anne Rice.

Her other hobbies include cooking and baking. She enjoys inventing recipes on the fly with random ingredients from her kitchen. She loves binging on Netflix. She also secretly hopes the zombie apocalypse does happen. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is her all time favorite television show.

Published Works

Read Dark Island by Whiskey Black featured in Trick or Treat: A Halloween Anthology, published by The Scribes Collaborative.

Her poem, The Willow Tree,  as well as her digital art piece, Inner Fire,  were both featured in the first issue of The Andromedae Review

Works In Progress

Whiskey is currently working on three different novels.

Peace, Love & Anarchy:

On a seemingly innocent summer night, two best friends, Rio Spencer and Isaac Marcinkiewicz, accidentally discover a destiny that will alter the course of their lives forever.

Rio, a young punk and newly awakened werewolf, must learn the ins and outs of the Lycan race, what it means to walk between two worlds, and what it means to be a protector of humanity or a destroyer of it.

From the tender age of fifteen through her thirties, the story follows her life of excitement, danger, loss and revenge while struggling to not only maintain relationships and friendships, but her own sanity.

Werewolves aren’t bitten, they’re born. Lycanthrophy isn’t a disease. It has no cure. And just like humans, some are good, some are bad, and some walk the line.

Effie and the Whiskey Glass:

A dash of noir, a hint of pulp, and a whole lot of werewolves. Set in the roaring Twenties at the onset of prohibition, follow Effie and Charlie as they strive to right their wrongs and to gain control of their pack from a ruthless, bloodthirsty Alpha.

Boarding School Girls – Into the Gingerbread House:

Eve Jammison, the new girl at Northern Pines Boarding School realizes that she has more to worry about than making friends and getting good grades. When she discovers that her new roommates, Brooklyn and Cohen, are more than they appear she’s drawn into a world of enchantment and danger. When classmates start to go missing and rumors began to circulate about it being the witch who lives in the woods, Eve’s world changes forever.



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