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Why You Should Use 8tracks.com

I’ve recently discovered a website called 8tracks.com that is just the niftiest thing, ever!

It seems that it first launched back in 2008. It makes me sad that I’m only just now finding it. But, everything happens for a reason I guess.

The site is basically a legal way to share your favorite music with the world, or just friends. You can create playlists, called “Mix tapes” and you’re free to add any songs from their library or you can upload music from your PC. When creating your own playlist you must have at least eight tracks on it. Then you can add a cover image to it and give it whatever title you wish. You are also required to add a few tags to it so that it becomes searchable in the mix tape archive. Add tags that represent the genre and mood you’re trying to convey with the playlist. Don’t worry about adding tags about what bands are in it, the site does that for you automatically. People who find your playlist are then able to listen to it, like it, leave comments, share it to social media, and they can add it to their own collections if they wish.

If you’re in the middle of listening to a playlist and your browser crashes, when you go back to the site, the playlist will pick right back up from where it left off. I really like this feature for the most part. The one thing that I don’t like is that there is no way to skip backwards to hear a song again without starting the playlist all over. And you can not start a playlist over until you’ve finished the whole thing. You do have the ability to skip over a track, but you’re only allowed to skip three tracks per hour, unless you change playlists. At least this is what I’ve experienced on the site. You also can click the star icon on the far right side when you’re listening to a playlist and it’ll “save” the track as a favorite so that you can go back and find it later. There are also links for you to click that will allow you to listen to the song on Itunes and Youtube.

So far I’ve only created one Mix tape titled “Cora’s Sin”. It’s a mix tape of thirteen tracks that helped inspire my short story of the same name. (Which I’m not posting on the blog as of yet, I’m working on submitting it for publication!) But if you’re interested in hearing what songs inspired the darkness, feel free to check it out and share it, and let me know your thoughts.

(I’m having technical difficulties embedding the actual playlist to blogger for some reason, so for now here’s the link to it on their site. The link seems to be being a bitch also and won’t show up as clickable for me, so I apologize but you might have to copy and paste the fucker. Whenever I solve the issue I’ll come back and fix it. I apologize!)

Cora’s Sin playlist: http://8tracks.com/whiskey-black/cora-s-sin

You can create your own profile which displays your created mix tapes, playlists that you’ve liked, ones that you’ve added to various collections, and it also shows your favorite tracks. There is a members forum where you can discuss music, search for new playlists and interact with other music lovers.

Over all I highly suggest this site to anyone who loves discovering new music and for those that don’t need total control over what they listen to.

I’m one of those writers, in case you haven’t noticed, that needs to listen to music that fits whatever story I’m currently working on. Now granted, there are some genres that I just don’t think I would search for play lists for on here. Like punk rock, I’m very picky about what punk I listen to. Because of this, chances are that I’ll just stick to my, already created, Spotify “Peace Love & Anarchy” playlist whenever I’m writing about Rio’s adventures. It’s possible that one day, when I have nothing at all to do, I might sit down and create the same playlist on 8Tracks though. But as far as searching for new music to help express that story line, it’s already set in stone and won’t change.

Some of my favorite key words to search for include “Wolf, “Werewolf”, “Witch”, “Samhain” and “BoHo”. So far almost every mix tape that I’ve listened to from these key words I’ve fallen in love with and also discovered a lot of new music from. I’ve also ran across more than a few playlists that are tagged as “writing” and seem to be geared towards writers, which is very cool. I’ve also ran across a few that writer’s have put together, like I did, to showcase music that inspired their stories.

I was just listening to a werewolf inspired playlist and it finished up and switched over to another playlist, I’m guessing by the same creator, but it’s amazing too!

Check it outWhat God Knows playlist: http://8tracks.com/qutzalcoatl/what-god-knows

So if you’re an audiophile, or just curious, or just love to show off your cool playlists then check this site out. Follow me and I’ll check out your mixed tapes. I love discovering new music.


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