The Carousel Horse

Iza was finally going to get out of the sleepy seaside town of Port Haring when she left for school tomorrow. No more boring days working at her Dad’s shop, The TinShed, while everyone else got to have fun. Sometimes it felt like she was in prison the way he kept her on lock down, but soon it would be her turn. She would travel to Paris and study under some of the worlds most renowned Chefs. Her passport had arrived, everything was packed and she was ready to go. All that remained was for her to say goodbye to her best friend Luca.

It was after dark and the store was closed. Tourists didn’t go antique shopping after sunset, it was just too creepy. She disagreed. Even though she lacked enthusiasm for the job, there were many pieces in her dad’s collection that she loved. Theold carousel horse was her favorite. She prayed everyday that no one would buy it.No one ever did. She suspected that it was because it looked as if it had been through utter hell, but those dull black eyes, scuffed hooves and peeling paint only added to it’s charm.

She and Luca had made a special trip, nearly four hours away, to a town inland to retrieve it from an old abandoned amusement park. Her dad hadn’t been happy about them sneaking away. Luca also harbored reservations about going, but Iza had insisted. It was her dad’s birthday after all and he deserved something unique. Despite it’s creepiness, the horse always seemed to be the center of conversation.

Resting her head on the counter she watched the horse, it’s unblinking eyes looked back in sadness and for a moment she felt sorry for it. Iza frowned letting her eyes slip shut and her thoughts drift. When she opened them again it was sunrise.

Turning to look at the horse, her smile twisted and her mouth opened. It’s eyes burned red with fire, and an angry accusing glare. Her scream shattered the stillness.

“Thorazine, now.” Someone shouted.

Her arm stung. The liquid felt like lava in her veins. A tear rolled down her cheek and her eyelids drooped. Her hand was grasped and Iza strained to see who it was.

“Daddy?” Her voice was hoarse. She willed her gaze to stay on him. “Where am I, where’s Luca?”

“Oh honey,” He held her hand and leaned down to kiss her forehead. His voice cracked as he looked away. “You and Luca were drinking. You were driving and there was an accident. You and that damn horse were thrown out of the truck.”

“I want to see him, where is he?” Her lip trembled.

“I’m sorry, he didn’t make it…”

The chemicals were winning, pushing her eyes closed. Her body was heavy and the voices in the room were distorted. She heard her dad. He sounded miles away speaking to the doctor.

“It’s been five years, she’s never getting out of here…is she?”


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